Teaching Evaluations

ENGL 4060/6060: Theories of Composition

“The most memorable experiences I had in this class were when I was required to compose outside of the media that I was used to. I also THOROUGHLY enjoyed our in class discussions. The only thing I would have changed is making it twice a week so I got more time to nerd out about composition theory.”

“I really appreciate how we are encouraged to speak our minds in this class. Even if there is disagreement, the atmosphere is always respectful and I always feel I have learned something new in each class.”

“The class presented new ideas and alternative ways of thinking.”

“The entire point of the course was to challenge common misunderstandings about composition. I think everything about the class stretched my thinking.”

“I think forcing us to come up with our own theory of writing is a great exercise preparing students for the thesis they will have to eventually write.”

“Everything about the class was awesome. I was challenged to think, but I also didn’t feel overwhelmed at any point.”

“Dr. Howard’s discussion of the topics was always enthusiastic, and she made sure that everyone was on the same page.”

“This course made me think about things I would not have otherwise.”

“The class made me look at writing and teaching differently.”


“Dr. Howard teaches multimodal, and she gives assignments requiring that her students demonstrate the theories about which they read. So we “practice what we preach.”

“Discussion with other students and instructor is the most valuable type of assignment; however, all of the assignments are effective.”

“My instructor was always available to answer any questions that I may have had about an assignment. We were given multiple ways to contact them, and I always received a response in a timely manner.”

“The discussion board posts help me to learn more.”

“Instructor gives great feedback.”


“Teachers really need to organize their online classrooms efficiently, offer a user-friendly lesson plan, and make expectations extremely clear. Misunderstanding of assignments and expectations is common, and it is important for online teachers to be aware and sensitive to this fact. Providing weekly assignments, expectations, and feedback is essential. In the classes I have taken, Dr. Howard’s classes have done the best job with this. I like how she separates her lessons by week, gives specific instructions for discussions and deadlines, provides consistent feedback individually and as a class, and organizes Blackboard in a user-friendly way. I can access all of her materials from my phone or laptop, which is extremely convenient for me, and is also uncommon.”

“Dr. Howard asked us to do a ‘talking head’ presentation that was challenging for me as I have never done one. It is essential that I learned this if I continue down my career path. This class gave me an opportunity to develop this skill.”

“I don’t think anything would need to change. I was really pleased with the course.”

“Every time I asked a question, Dr. Howard immediately responded.”

English 4090/6090: Writing Across the Curriculum

“I was actually completely unaware of WAC programs until this course and now I fully intend to incorporate techniques I learned here into my own classroom.”

“The teacher constantly asked us for different perspectives.”

“Assignments ‘put me in someone else’s shoes’ to practice writing in new contexts.”

“The weekly reflection blogs are extremely helpful in metacognitive practice.”

“Thank you for challenging me. I feel a little more like a scholar now.”

“I especially like the Bean textbook and found it useful. I like that you put everything on Bboard and online because I lose things a lot, and this was useful.”

“I liked WAC a lot. The writing in different disciplines was fascinating. The class discussion and guest speakers contributed most to my learning.”

“Our discussion of material after reading and blogging was particularly helpful.”

English 1020: Changing Perspective

“It stretched my knowledge and thinking process beyond my expectations.”

“There was always something different to do in this class, and it was NOT boring. I liked how you came up with topics that we have to think of and helped us broaden our perspective.”

“Dr. Howard pushed us by focusing on the things that put the big picture together.”

“I liked all of the visual examples she used and how she really got involved in our learning process. I also loved the group work. She helped me to really understand what I was doing and why.”

“It was the BEST English class and professor that I have had. It has stretched my thinking as a student, parent, and individual.”

“I loved learning how to write a correct MLA formed research paper. In high school I didn’t really grasp the concept, but Dr. Howard did great by thoroughly explaining how to write it.”

“This class pushed me to work harder on my papers and to put more thought into it. She does a good job of laying out what she wants.”

“The objective is to change your perspective on how you view things. I’m not an English major and have never liked the classes. But Dr. Howard really changed my perspective about this class and how fun it can be.”

English 1010: Writing Processes

“I had to put a lot of effort into this class, but in doing so it made me a better writer. Dr. Howard is an amazing teacher. She is very helpful and always has a smile on her face. She does whatever she can to help her students succeed.”

“This class made me think from other perspectives that I had not thought about before. It stretched my thinking because of this.”

“I felt that the professor did her best to relate to us as a class to keep us excited about the subject and the want to learn.”

“It made me go beyond what I thought I could do and has helped me with writing papers in my other classes.”

“We were asked to change perspectives frequently which we rarely did in high school.”

“The teacher was very involved in the content and made sure we were, too.”

“I swear I’ve used English 1010 everyday since I started this class.”

“Dr. Howard cared a lot about us.”


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