My experience as a writing teacher includes a year of work in a leading nonprofit arts organization. As an education administration intern for Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 2008, I mentored teens in business writing techniques and relationship building with local businesses. I also wrote correspondence to area schools about our programs and acted as booking coordinator for elementary school workshops across eight counties. I worked with the marketing department to develop flyers, play programs, and press releases about the teen one-act play festival that was hosted annually. Finally, I learned about corporate and individual fundraising campaigns through my observations of the development office there and created donation proposals associated with teen programming.

Being an intern in a nonprofit organization put me in touch with many resources associated with the management of arts organizations and social justice groups. My belief is that students should gain experience writing documents for such organizations because their involvement in these efforts leads to critical and active citizenship.

Below are examples of study guides I co-authored with Berkeley Rep staff:

After the Quake_study guide              Argonautika_study guide

I also wrote an article for Berkeley Repertory Theatre Magazine. See page 8:

Enter, Stage Right

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